It's the big question...

We do things differently than other companies

How much is this model?

Do you offer options?
Can you build my design?

What is the per square foot cost for your ADUs?

Can I use my own contractor or do some of the work myself to save on the cost?

How much is the complete "All-In" project cost?

Can I supply some of the materials to construct my ADU?

USModular takes an honest up-front approach in pricing your ADU project.

We need to know as much as possible about your project and the conditions of your project site to provide you with a realistic project cost estimate.

Other companies want to sell you an ADU.  USModular wants to be your developer partner.

Take advantage of our complementary project site review.  Getting a price for your project without any evaluation of the project site is not fair to you.  Not every project location is suitable for a prefabricated ADU installation.  Getting a cost for an ADU that in reality can't be installed is just a waste of your time and efforts.

Let's begin your FREE, no obligation, preliminary project site review today!